Roger Hiorns at MK Gallery

I went to see an installation at the MK Gallery today. It was by Roger Hiorns. His ideas are to me quite "unique" He uses a range of differing media including photography, film and drawings though he has specialized in the field of sculpture. He shows a near-obsessive compulsion for material and form, exploring both their symbolic and metaphoric value.

Suspended from the ceiling or propped on specially fabricated stools, is a series of ceramic sculptures containg a detergent solution, fed by a constant stream of air from a nearby compressor.....



In Europe in the late 17th and 18th centuries religious belief would come into question with the Enlightenment. Philosophers such as Descartes, Locke, Newton, Hume, Kant, Goethe, Voltaire and Rousseau argued that reason rather than a belief in the supernatural was the basis of human knowledge and progress. Copernicus and Galileo went head to head with the church by stating that the Earth revolved around the Sun, rather than the other way round.
This led to the reappraisal of the role of the church and monarchies, more tolerance of different faiths and to the rise of revolutionary movements in France and America. In 1859 Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species which contradicted the Bible by arguing that living things evolved over millions of years. In the 19th century various movements such as humanism and Marxism attempted to develop ethical frameworks based on scientific analyses of social, political and economic systems.
Since the Enlightenment alongside increasing secularisation in the West, there has also been a rise in new-age religious sects often drawing on Eastern belief systems. Across the rest of the world there has been a resurgence in interest in religion, particularly Islam, as religious belief has often become identified with struggles against foreign domination.

Milton Keynes Resimler

Oxford'da Hayat Guzel - Her Yasta!!!

Oxford'da bir bahar gunu bir kafede bu yaslilarin karsisina oturuyoruz, hayat guzel, hele Ask varsa!!!

Dispatches: The Muslim Reformation

Tariq Ramadan'in sundugu bir programdi "The Muslim Reformation"...Dinlerin gecmisi, su ani ve gelecegine isik tutan bir seri, channel 4'de pazartesi aksamlari yayinlaniyor. Gecen hafta Hz. Isa ve Hristiyanlik ile ilgili yapilmis filmleri incelemislerdi. Bu hafta ise sira Islam ve Reform...Tariq Ramadan Avrupa'da ozellikle Ingiltere'de taninan bir akademik. Islam'da reform cabalari ile sik sik gundemde, Islamin yenilenmesi cagi yakalamasi icin Avrupa'da yasayan muslumanlarin buyuk rol oynadigini ve oynayacagini savunuyor, Avrupa'da sevilmesine ragmen, ornegin Pakistan gibi tutucu ulkelerde ise fikirleri pekde tutulmuyor. Bu aksam yaptigi programda cesitli avrupa ulkelerinde degisik gruplarin calismalarini inceleyip degerlendirdi...Mesela Ingiltere'de okul cikisi cocuklar icin yapilan aktivitelerden bahsetti, artik ailelerin cocuklarinin sadece Kur-an'i okumalarini degil ayni zamanda anlamalarini istediklerinden, bu anlamda bu aktivitelerin bir yenilik oldugundan ve boyle aktivitelerin Islam'in dogru anlasilmasi icin onemini anlatti. Program hakkinda daha fazla bilgi icin buraya tiklayin

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