Preparations for The Big Chill Festival

I am at Flav's at the mo, me on the computer, flav on the sewing machine, doin the final touches to the shirts we are gonna sell tomorrow!

its already 01.00 am and we are still up and we should be leaving the house latest 7.30 plus we need to load the car with all the clothes and bits and bobs!!!

We are both very excited about this festival, we will set up our stall tomorrow mid day and start trading on thursday, and will be there till sunday, i can't wait till we get back and have lots of memories from this festival...

Flav, i am writing all these stuff as a memory, one day may be in a couple of years time, we'll look back and read these and laugh:)
Flav's brand name is called COCO GOGOYA, and the clothes rock, they are great, designed by Flavi...k

I will write more comments about the festival once we are back...


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